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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I tell which model Kindle I have?

A. Please click on this link to help identify your model.


Q. Can you replace the battery in my Kindle

A. Yes we can. Please click on this link to help identify your model.


Q. Can I buy a battery from you?

A. We are unable to post a battery to you as we are now restricted by the Royal Mail from sending Lithium-Ion batteries that are not attached to a device in the post.


Q.  I heard that I could not send a battery in the post any more. How can I therefore send my Kindle in to you for repair?

A. Restrictions only apply to a lithium-Ion battery or batteries on their own. It is permissible to send a lithium-Ion battery attached to a device in the post.


Q. Will I lose all my books after a screen has been replaced?

A. No all your books will remain on your device and all functions will be as they were before the screen was damaged.


Q. Why do I need to tell you my screen password?

A. It allows us to perform a full functionally test on your Kindle after is has been repaired.

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Customer Reviews

Jean Gill

(Friday, 1st February 2019


Simply fantastic. Kindle discussed, repaired and returned within one week. Screen was broken. Now good as new. Can't recommend Reo Tech highly enough but am loathe to do so as he may be too busy to help me in the future. No praise too good for this company.



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