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Kindle PaperWhite

Since all three generations of Kindle PaperWhites basically look the exact same, here’s how to tell them apart:

1. The 1st generation PaperWhite has the word “Kindle” embossed on the back.

2. Both the 2nd and 3rd have “Amazon” on the back instead of Kindle.

3. The 2nd generation has the “Kindle” logo marked in silver, on the front bezel, just below the screen. On the 3rd generation, the “Kindle” logo, on the front bezel is black.

PaperWhite 1st Gen (2012)

Not Sure What's Wrong?

Pay for a Kindle fault analysis. We'll then work out what's wrong. This fee is then deducted from any repair cost.

Fault Analysis - £20.00


PaperWhite 1st Gen Screen Repair

PaperWhite 1st Gen - £53.95

PaperWhite 1, 2 or 3 Micro USB Charge Port Repair

Micro USB Repair - £45.00

PaperWhite 2nd Gen (2013)

PaperWhite 2nd Gen - £63.95

PaperWhite 3rd Generation (2015)

PaperWhite 3rd Gen - £63.95
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Customer Reviews

Ann Merchant

(Wednesday, January 31 18 03:40 pm GMT)


Excellent service. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Very special as my kindle stopped working just before I was due to go into hospital .It was fixed very quickly and I was able to take it with me. Meant so much .Thank you.



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